Processing of Artemia cysts harvested from Kuchuk Lake (Altai region, Russia)


Our company

Our company is engaged in harvesting and processing of Artemia cysts from Kuchuk Lake, Altai region, Russia.


Raw and brined Artemia cysts sourced from Kuchuk Lake, Altai region, Russia is available for sale.

Quality characteristics of the product:

  • Moisture level - max 50%
  • Shell content - max 10%
  • Impurities content - max 1%

The product is packed in polypropylene bags (45-55 kg).


Kuchuk Lake refers to shallow water bodies of medium size with typical river food.

The water area of ​​the lake is around 170 square kilometers, the depth can reach 2.5 meters. It is a drainless basin.

In the lake the conditions are relatively favorable for the development of water resources - the Artemia. The main fishing resource in the lake is Artemia at the stage of cysts.  In the biochemical composition of artemia cysts harvested from this lake there are no pesticides, heavy metals and other harmful substances. 

The reservoir does not experience anthropogenic load. Therefore, this resource in respect of quality analysis can be considered as environmentally friendly raw material that does not give side effects while used in aqua- and sea cultures as well as in space industry, medicine, agriculture (poultry farming) and other areas.